Will you be adding "this design/theme/etc" controller to the shop soon?

Feel free to let us know if you have any specific design requests - if we get enough people asking we would be more inclined to add your suggestion to the shop as a permanent collection item! We are constantly playing around with new designs, so check back frequently. In the event we don't release a controller with your design ideas in mind, consider custom ordering your controller from us.

Do you/can you paint the buttons for my controller?
Painted buttons generally do not hold up well and can fade/chip over short periods of time. Because of this, we refuse to paint buttons - however, we will be releasing custom colored button sets (ABXY, start, D-pad, L+R triggers, Z button and joystick/c-stick sets) this summer that you can either add to your controller order or purchase separately. 
How can I place a custom order?

Please refer to our custom order page for all info regarding custom orders.

Do you use third party controllers?
No, all of our controllers are made using only official, licensed nintendo brand controllers.

Can I get a refund / return / exchange?
Our refund policy can be reviewed at the bottom of the checkout page. Due to the nature of our made to order items, we can not accept refunds or returns. However, every instance is circumstantial so please don't hesitate to contact us anyway - we will do what we can to help! Otherwise, refunds may only be given within 24 hours after ordering.

My order is taking too long, how can I contact you?
As stated in our product descriptions, all of our controllers are made to order and can take roughly 1 - 3 weeks for completion before shipping. Please note that gamecube controllers are hard to obtain and are extremely high in demand, so there may be additional delays and we urge you t order with confidence knowing this. If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact us at - as we are really just a "she," please allow 1 - 2 business days for a response from this one person team. :)